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Sink Faze Movie Finalist at BLUE Ocean Film Festival

Sink Faze, the movie, is a finalist at the ongoing BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Savannah, Georgia.  Sink Faze is coming off recent festival wins at the Honolulu International Film Festival and the Mexico International Film Festival. =2 0The movie was also recently honored by being featured in the first of a series of monthly cultural art showcases known as RAW: Natural Born Artists in Los Angeles, CA.  

Martin Sink FazeSink Faze ( and is shot in high definition and in a non-traditional conversationally driven format, the film features the lives of four athletes as they pursue their goals to set national and world records in freediving.  The film features Martin Stepanek, Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, George “Doc” Lopez, Kirk Krack, and David Blaine training for his Drowned Alive stunt.  
Mandy-Rae and Kirk are the freedivers featured in the Sundance and Hot Docs Audience Award winning film The Cove ( and  The Cove is also a finalist at BLUE and nominated for Best in Festival.
Sink Faze is a low budget film and is the first feature of award winner director Grant W. Graves.  Grant said, “I am so happy that Sink Faze is being recognized by BLUE.  It is an honor just to be selected for this prestigious event, but to be a finalist and have a chance to win is even more amazing.  Everyone here has been so supportive of the film and the ocean environment.”  Sink Faze will screen on the final day of the event, Sunday, June 14, 2009 at the Marshall House at 11:30 am with a presentation by the director about freediving to proceed the screening (
BLUE Ocean Film Festival (, a global film and conservation event, is ongoing from June 11-14, 2009. The purpose of the event is to honor, promote and share films that inspire people to protect our oceans and the life within. BLUE is providing an intimate venue where ocean filmmakers can interact with leaders in the oceans conservation, broadcasting and research fields, lending support t o the filmmakers who provide a critical role in educating and empowering the public.
Key to the event is the BLUE Ocean Film Festival awards competition, honoring films that further ocean conservation, exploration and science, or promote interaction with our seas on any level. Given this is the first industry film festival and awards competition in the Unites States that is dedicated to oceans; BLUE’s finalists represent one of the greatest collections of ocean films in the world. All finalist films are being screened during the four-day industry event, which is being held simultaneously with BLUE’s Community Film Festival in Savannah.
Among the ocean conservation, science, broadcast and film leaders participating in BLUE are:
• DR. SYLVIA EARLE, Explorer-in-Reside nce National Geographic
• STRATTON LEOPOLD, Hollywood Producer (Mission Impossible III)
• FABIEN COUSTEAU, Ocean Explorer/Filmmaker
• CELINE COUSTEAU, Ocean Explorer/Filmmaker
• PAUL GASEK, Discovery Channel/Science Channel
• KEENAN SMART, National Geographic Television
• STEVE BURNS, National Geographic Channel
• CARTER FIGUEROA, History Channel
• DAN BASTA, National Marine Sanctuaries System
• GEORGE SEDBERRY, Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary
• GREGORY D. BOSSART, V. M. D., Ph. D., Georgia Aquarium
• JOINT OCEANS COMMISSION, State of Our Oceans Panel
• GREG STONE, Ph.D., New England Aquarium
• EMORY KRISTOF, National Geographic Filmmaker/Photographer
• TOM CAMPBELL, Underwater HD Cinematographer
• BRIAN SKERRY,=2 0National Geographic Photographer
• MICHELE WESTMORLAND, Underwater Photographer
• CHRIS PALMER, American University, Center for Environmental Studies
• CRISTINA MITTERMIER, International League of Conservation Photographers
• GREG MARSHALL, National Geographic/Executive Producer and Remote Imaging
Freediving is a sport that challenges athletes to perform while holding their breath underwater in disciplines for maximum time, depth, and distance.  Athletes have reached times in excess of eleven minutes, distances over two football fields, and depths greater than seven hundred feet.

For more details about USA FreeDiving, go to

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