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ScubaFit presents Diver Tips for Proper Gym Etiquette

(DiverWire) It’s the start of a new year. Scuba divers around the world are heading back to the gym after making resolutions to get in shape and lose weight in 2013. DiverWire contributing writer Gretchen Ashton of ScubaFit talks about some common gym etiquette that should be observed by everyone at the gym.

Divers understand and appreciate the importance of protocols and policies to define activity in specialized environments for safety and good conduct. As many return to the gym with goals for the New Year, fitness centers will be busier than usual and sometimes crowded.  It is important to always practice gym etiquette and especially important at this time of year.  Fitness centers vary in management, facilities and equipment.  The best way to follow gym etiquette is to begin by reading and following any rules and posted signs.  When in doubt regarding etiquette or how to use equipment, it is always best to ask someone on staff for clarification or assistance. The following are considered standard gym etiquette:

Remember to check in at the front desk.

  • Be courteous at all times.
  • Arrange for childcare of youth exercise classes for children.
  • Supervise teenagers age 14 to 18 on the gym floor.
  • Keep belongings nearby or stored in a locker.
  • Wear appropriate fitness apparel including closed-toe athletic shoes.
  • Drink only clear drinks or water in non-spill containers.
  • No food in the workout area.
  • Always carry a towel and wipe off equipment after use.
  • Refrain from talking on the cellular phone, talking too loud or yelling.
  • Share equipment and ask others to “work in” between sets.
  • Never leave weights on the equipment after use.
  • Return all equipment to its proper place after use.
  • Abide by any time limits on cardio equipment.
  • Avoid walking between someone exercising and using the mirror to monitor proper form.
  • Arrive on time for classes.
  • Practice good hygiene, prevent body odor and avoid strong scents or perfume.
  • Don’t smoke in the fitness facility.
  • The use or distribution of any form of drugs or alcohol is prohibited. Particular emphasis is placed on performance-enhancing drugs.

There are many reasons for every diver to stay fit, active and in shape. For more helpful tips and information, visit