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ScubaFit launches FitDiver® Abs: Mobile Fitness APP for Divers

(DiverWire) ScubaFit®, a national company dedicated to promoting fitness for recreational scuba divers, today has launched a second workout in a series of mobile fitness apps. FitDiver® Abs focuses on building the diver’s “core” with an exercise sequence for abdominals.

This new app supplements the FitDiver® Treasured Chest app which was released last year and is currently available in the Google Play marketplace. Both programs are written by fitness professional and diver, Gretchen M. Ashton, and are uniquely related to diving activities.

Ashton says, “Whether they are visible or not, abdominals are essential in supporting the back and stabilizing the body through complex movements associated with scuba diving. Without question a balanced abdominal strengthening program is an important component of scuba fitness and should be developed in conjunction with back strengthening and flexibility early in an exercise program. The challenge is finding the best method for individual divers to strengthen the abdominals without creating or aggravating certain back conditions.”

FitDiver® Workouts are based on sound research including a health profile of the diving community and the unique physiological demands of the underwater environment. Scuba diving is often considered moderate-intensity activity. Yet, there are differences in the physical requirements for diving depending on the type of diving and the conditions.

The series is also being developed for other platforms and markets. The app is developed by Phrogger Interactive with graphic design by Designs by Brie. For more details, visit