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Scuba tank inspection, certification offered to divers during Our World-Underwater Expo

(DiverWire) It’s been said that a good diver is always learning. One area that’s often overlooked by divers is specialized training in scuba cylinder maintenance, inspection and valve replacement. While this training is mandatory for scuba professionals and dive retailers, many regular divers don’t always realize they can take some of the same courses themselves.
According to Mark Gresham of PSI-PCI, the acknowledged leader in scuba cylinder training and education, “Scuba cylinders (tanks) are a diver’s life support system. Together with the primary and second stage regulator, tanks provide the means for divers to enjoy the underwater world. Unfortunately, while most divers learn all about their regulators and service them regularly, most don’t always do the same with their tanks. Our program provides an added level of education that frankly, every diver should be familiar with.”


The first PSI-PCI training session of 2013 at a trade show takes place at the Our World-Underwater Expo in Chicago February 15-17. Gresham is encouraging divers to consider signing up for one or more of the courses being offered.

For scuba diving professionals (divemaster certification and above), PSI-PCI, Inc. offers the most comprehensive, recognized technical training in the world today. Technicians who frequently work with cylinders and educators who train people to use these cylinders should receive this formal training.

This full day course, Visual Cylinder Inspection, will teach individuals about cylinders and their makeup.  They will learn to identify unsafe cylinders, understand safe policies for filling cylinders and steps to qualify a cylinder for continued service. PSI-PCI teaches an 18-step protocol that is the first and only one of its kind and our program has stood the test of the US Courts as the authoritative process.

Dive professionals will have several options at Our World-Underwater including Visual Cylinder Inspection Refresh, PSI-PCI Update, Valve Repair Technician, Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician and Eddy Current Technician. Click on any of those links for signup details on each program.

The PSI-PCI program is the only visual inspector training program recognized by the US Dept. of Transportation, Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and cylinder manufacturers. Since its start, over 25,000 inspectors have received their training from PSI-PCI.  Our trained inspectors are eligible to receive specialty training in the operation of eddy current instruments which are used to identify defects in certain high-pressure cylinders.

For more information about the entire PSI-PCI program, visit the website