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Rebreathers changing scuba diving FOREVER – New SSI/Poseidon program introduced

(DiverWire) Scuba Schools International (SSI) and Poseidon are working together to solve the question of “how do we get more bottom time” — through the Mark VI rebreather partnership. Until recently, rebreather diving was limited to the highly technical and analytical diver. That is changing, and the Mark VI rebreather is a major reason why.

Last month, a group of elite SSI training professionals came together at Dive Tech in Grand Cayman for the first “FULL IMMERSION” Mark VI training program. This exclusive program taught these professionals how to “migrate” from being standard open-circuit Open Water Scuba Instructors to full Mark VI Open Water Rebreather Instructors. Why is this important? Because new rebreather technology is quickly evolving to replace the need for standard Open Water Scuba training entirely.

According to Steve Newman, SSI International Technical Training Director, “The Mark VI unit is designed with the recreational scuba diver in mind. There is a revolutionary change happening in the SCUBA marketplace and the Mark VI rebreather is at the forefront of these changes.”

Newman led the participants in this first “FULL IMMERSION” through a comprehensive 80 hour program that included 12 dives over 20 hours bottom time using the thorough and complete new SSI/Poseidon training materials. “The first part of the recreational rebreather revolution is helping the instructors to ‘re-think’ the entire training process. Rebreather divers speak their own language and this ‘immersion’ program is the first step in transforming the process.”

Lightweight and built exclusively for recreational divers, the Mark VI is actually providing a means for NEW divers to start their training as “rebreather divers” and not as recreational scuba divers. The distinction is not evolutionary, it’s revolutionary to the diving industry.

“In the past, rebreather divers needed to be open-circuit, open water certified recreational divers first. Then, they would learn about the many elements of becoming a rebreather diver. This unit and the cooperative training between SSI and Poseidon means new divers can START with rebreathers if they choose to,” Newman points out enthusiastically.

For more details, visit the SSI website