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PADI Appoints Historical Diving Society official Historical Affiliate

In August, several Historical Diving Society (HDS) Directors, led by Chairman Tim Beaver, met with PADI Senior Management at PADI Americas in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, to review areas of common interest and establish channels of communication.

Representing the HDS were Chairman Tim Beaver, President Steve Kushner, Directors Carl Roessler, Sid Macken and Leslie Leaney, plus former Administrator Jill Leaney. Representing PADI Americas were President and COO, Dr. Drew Richardson, Jeff Nadler, Sharon Dill, Janelle Hamm, James Morgan, Kristin Valette, Dana Stewart and Jenny Miller Garmendia from Project AWARE Foundation.

As a result of the meeting, PADI Worldwide officially appointed the HDS as its Historical Affiliate, making HDS the official resource for more than 139,000 PADI Members worldwide. HDS is already the official historical affiliate for the Association of Diving Contractors (ADC) and the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA).

In addition to the meeting, PADI Americas staff hosted a reception in Founders Hall, an area that pays tribute to PADI Founders, John Cronin and Ralph Erickson. Several PADI staff, including Al Hornsby and former HDS Board member Bob Wohlers, joined the reception at which time Drew Richardson presented the Society with a plaque recognizing the organization’s 18 years of service to the United States dive industry.

The professional working relationship between HDS and PADI Americas dates back to the mid-1990s when PADI contacted the HDS to enlist and coordinate a group of recreational diving pioneers for the premiere edition of AQUA magazine, the PADI Diving Society’s first membership publication. The success of that project led to AQUA Managing Editor Angela Tripp joining and serving on the HDS Board of Directors for six years.

During the same period, PADI Americas again contracted the HDS to supply imagery and fact-checking services for the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving and the Teacher Curriculum Guide for Life on an Ocean Planet. The Society portion of this project was headed up by Bob Wohlers. Following this successful project, Wohlers joined the HDS Board of Directors in 1999 and served for six years. Richardson joined the HDS Board in 2008 and has assisted in the transition to the Society’s new administration under President Steve Kushner.

For more information, email Jeff Nadler, PADI Americas Industry and Governmental Relations Executive or call him at +1 949 858 7234, ext. 2260 or email Historical Diving Society President Steve Kushner or call +1 702-485-5676.

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