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PADI and BSA Bring Scuba to Scouts

Blazing trails underwater, PADI and new scuba merit badge open up diving to millions of BSA members.



One way to keep scuba diving strong and financially viable is to get new customers by targeting select audiences. Niche marketing can be an extremely cost effective, low risk method for expanding and growing your business, especially if your product or service meets the unique needs of your target market. With this in mind, PADI Americas has partnered with Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to introduce youngsters to diving. This announcement comes in tandem with the BSA’s approval of a new scuba merit badge and results from a long-standing relationship between the two organizations.


“Given that nearly 20 percent of 2008’s new open water divers in PADI Americas territory were students aged 10-18, a partnership with the Boy Scouts of America made perfect sense,” said Kristin Valette, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at PADI Americas. “Our two organizations’ goals are similar and scuba diving is a natural fit with Boy Scouts of America.”


BSA represents a niche market with tremendous potential for PADI Members. With more than 2.9 million youth members, BSA is the largest youth organization in the United States. Since its incorporation in 1910, membership in BSA has totaled more than 112 million. As of December 2007, there were more than 850,000 Boy Scouts, over 1.1 million adult members and more than 70,000 Boy Scout Troops in the United States alone.


The Boy Scouts benefit from the partnership because scuba is a perfect fit with the organization’s charter to develop leadership, character, self-reliance and physical fitness among scouts through a wide range of outdoor activities and educational programs. By providing scuba services and support to this market, the PADI family also benefits with new business opportunities.


“This opens a terrific, sustainable new diver acquisition market with benefits for both scouts and PADI Members,” said Valette. “Though we’re currently working with the Boy Scouts of America, we hope the partnership will eventually extend worldwide and benefit millions more boy scouts and thousands more PADI Members.” 


PADI would like to recognize the efforts of PADI Course Director, Bob Tallent, in bringing this partnership and new merit badge approval to fruition. His passion for diving and dedication to the BSA has helped unify these two programs.


For details on how to introduce the world of diving to neighborhood troops,  please email PADI Americas Field Services and Sales Director,  Bill Hamm, or call 800 729 7234 (US and Canada), +1 949 858 7234, ext. 2534.


Others promise … PADI delivers.

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