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Online SCUBA certification Grows!

SSI LogoFort Collins, Colorado – Scuba Schools International (SSI) is pleased to announce that after only 3 months in operation, more than 6,200 new divers have utilized SSI’s new Online Training Program.

“It’s truly exciting to see this program working!  6,200 new customers for SSI Dive Centers and Resorts – 6,200 happy people heading into the ‘doorway of diving’. We couldn’t be more pleased to see how effective online training has become,” said Doug McNeese, President of Scuba School International.

McNeese continued, “SSI is working hard to come up with new ideas and FREE Online academics is just one small part of SSI’s ‘bigger picture’ and our next level!”

The SSI Online Training program is offered free to divers until they commit to completing their training with a local SSI Dive Center. The program is proving to be hugely attractive to today’s network-savvy, time-conscious consumer.  Besides providing the academics, Online Training enthusiastically introduces the new student to the importance of the local retailer and the meaning of comprehensive training in quality equipment.   New students arrive at their chosen Dive Center excited to begin their adventure.  They are fully informed of the SSI Diver Diamond training philosophy – the 4 ingredients to become a diver; Proper Knowledge, Skills, Equipment, and Experience.  They expect lots of face and pool practice time, and they are completely aware of the advantages of owning their personal equipment.

In today’s increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, there is a “next level” of customer knowledge that has to be acquired before a purchasing decision can be made – thus SSI’s free academics online. There is also a proven, though not easy, path to ensure that the end-users are getting trained properly and being retained – the right amount of face time and making the experience memorable.  This ‘next level’ is all about effective communication and satisfaction.

For more information about SSI and how they can help your Dive Center or Resort contact us at or (800) 821-4319.

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