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New RISK MANAGEMENT program for Divers Unveiled

(DiverWire) ReadyDiver Sport: Risk Management for Divers has recently been announced. This brand-new program introduces the importance of understanding diver risk and obligations; dive buddy support, assistance and response; divers are responsible for their own safety and how divers can better manage their risks. All are valuable for any recreational scuba diver to be familiar with.

Following this course, divers will realize how managing their diving risks and demonstrating good diver behavior will ultimately create a greater safety margin and a more enjoyable diving lifestyle.

Carol Christini, President of ReadyDiverstated, “Divers want to be in a position to understand and reduce risks where possible. An in-depth understanding and recognizing options allow divers greater decision making abilities to minimize risks.” Risk management is important in diving and ReadyDiver Sport is simply another tool.  Risk management does not need to be scary. Risk management is common sense based and simple, and creates a more enjoyable dive experience for all.  It is in divers best interest to mitigate risks.

This Risk Management Program for Sport Divers has taken six months to develop and a team of 14 contributors. The ReadyDiver Sport self-study course offers different, exciting and refreshing new concepts and will take approximately an hour and a half hour to complete and includes an exam.

The course covers:

• Risk and Obligations

• The Risk Threshold

• Diver Critical Thinking and the ReadyDiver OODA Loop

• Diver Competency – ReadyDiver 4 Cs of Diving

• Prevention and Management of Problems

• And Much More

Once the course is completed, each ReadyDiver Sport participant will be provided documentation of their Pursuit of Good Diver Behavior.

This course is also available in classroom style and can be taught by ReadyDiver Pros or at your local dive store. Not a ReadyDiver Pro yet?  Visit the website, register and complete the ReadyDiver Pro Course and ReadyDiver Sport Course to become qualified to teach the ReadyDiver Sport Risk Management Course to your divers.

The time is now to learn new diver risk management tools.  Go to and register to begin your pursuit of good diver behavior today!

ReadyDiverintroduced the first course in January, ReadyDiver Pro an Advanced Risk Management for Dive Professionals, which provides new concepts in risk management, critical thinking, decision making, causes of  accidents, professional responsibility, levels of responsibility, common areas of concern, and what to do in an emergency.  This course is available to the industry regardless of where professionals purchase insurance or have agency affiliation, if you work in the diving industry the website is for you. is a website that focuses only on risk management for the diving industry and is dedicated to honor Jon Hardy for his many contributions to minimize and eliminate risk in diving. “It is very exciting to offer a new approach in risk management concept and to offer industry-wide accessibility,” shared Carol Christini.

Carol Christini, M.A. is located in Windsor, Colorado. She is the President of Insurance Management Services, Inc. and has offered insurance and risk guidance to the diving industry for 29 years and she authored more than 40 risk management articles. For questions on dive risk management contact Carol at