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NASE Worldwide introduces XTek Programs

(DiverWire) NASE Wordwide has just announced new XTek Technical Diving training courses and workshops.

For divers curious about technical diving, the Technical Basics Workshop introduces divers to equipment selection and configuration, basic gas planning, Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) deployment,as well as proper weighting, trim, and propulsion techniques.  Any Advanced Open Water certified diver over age 16 is invited to participate in these workshops.

The NASE XTek Technical Basics Course with Rescue prepares divers with the skill set necessary to complete safe dives within recreational dive limits.  To participate, divers must be a certified NASE Rescue Diver and Nitrox Diver (or equivalent).  This course includes dives to a maximum of 65’/20m with single gas mixes up to 40% Oxygen.  The NASE XTek Technical Basics certification prepares divers to take their diving to the next level in the NASE XTek 45 course.

The NASE  XTek 45 prepares divers for safe diving beyond recreational dive limits to depths of 150’/45m with planned decompression using Oxygen mixes up to 100% including the use of back gases and decompression/stage cylinders.

Upon completion of the NASE XTek45, divers are ready for NASE XTek 60 which prepares divers for safe diving to depths of 200’/60m using helium based gas mixtures (trimix).  NASE XTek 60 prepares divers to utilize normoxic and hypoxic back gas mixtures.

All NASE XTek courses may be complete in either back mount or side mount configurations.  Contact your local NASE instructor or local NASE dive shop for more information.  Certified Technical Diving Instructors interested in teaching these courses should contact NASE Worldwide at