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NASE to unveil new Cave Diving program at Our World-Underwater this weekend

(DiverWire) Cave diving certifications have seen an unprecedented growth in a down economy. The recent movies that depict caves and the shows promoting exploration of the “inner world” have increased the awareness and provided a window of visibility into this exciting part of diving.

“Training is vital for safe exploration of caves and needs to be accessible for those who choose this exciting area of diving,” says Harry Averill, NASE’s Cave Diving Advisor.  “Our program is a no non-sense approach to teaching the fundamentals of safe cave diving.”

NASE Worldwide introduces a comprehensive Cave Diver Training Program with some differences:

■ Available courses range from entry-level NASE Cave Diver through Instructor Trainer, with programs for both open-circuit and CCR, backmount and sidemount.

■ A comprehensive set of entry-level NASE Cave Diver training materials that includes a totally integrated student manual, study questions and final exam.

■ An up-to-date approach to cave diver training based on how today’s best cave divers actually explore underwater caves — and not on how some experts decided they should do so in 1981.

“Here is our commitment to the cave diving community:  NASE will never issue a certification card to a half-trained cave diver. That’s right.  We have no “Basic,” “Intro” or “Apprentice” ratings.  The only way to get a NASE Cave Diver card is to demonstrate competency in all of the necessary knowledge and skills,” says Averill.

NASE Worldwide is a division of the CDA Training Group which is based out of Jacksonville, Florida. To learn more about professional opportunities please call us, (888) 903-6273 or visit

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