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Free Scuba refresher weekend for divers in advance of Florida mini-lobster season

(DiverWire) – Later this month, scuba diving hunters will descend on South Florida for the annual Florida Lobster Mini-Season July 27 and 28. Together with the regular Lobster Season (August 6 through March 31), thousands of divers take to the water in search of the tasty crustaceans. Unfortunately, medical conditions, poor diving procedures, and equipment problems are often factors in diving accidents during this peak time of the diving season.

Reef Ministries, a Fort Lauderdale based diving ministry, is changing that by hosting the second annual Revive Your Dive! event. Revive Your Dive! is a FREE one-day event where divers receive services and training to become better prepared for the diving activities of Florida’s busiest diving time – Lobster Season. Divers will receive a free PADI Scuba Review course, a free fitness to dive consultation with medics from Divers Alert Network, and a free scuba equipment inspection.

“Divers understand the need for scuba refresher training, health screens and equipment servicing but are often reluctant to pursue them due to the high costs and time associated with doing them. Our mission through Revive Your Dive! is to reduce all the barriers, so that divers get these essential services all at one time, all at one location, and all for free,” states Tec Clark, founder and director of Reef Ministries.

The one-day event will take place on Sunday July 24th, 2011 at the City of Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Complex, otherwise known as the Swimming Hall of Fame Pool. Participants need to be certified divers with a national or international scuba training agency. Sponsors include Divers Alert Network (DAN), the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) and Aqua Lung as well as many local dive centers and businesses.

For more information and registration visit Space for this FREE scuba event is limited, so reserve
your space immediately!

For more details about Reef Ministries, visit


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