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New Free Diving Records set at Buddy Dive Bonaire

Like last year August, during the whole month of May it was all about freediving at Buddy Dive Resort Bonaire. For the second consecutive year Buddy Dive Resort was very proud to be the main sponsor of the Buddy Dive Freediving Event.

This year Patrick Musimu, who was the first freediver to descend more then 200 meters (610 ft), and Karol Meyer, Brazilian freediving specialist and holder of several records one being the world record of 18 minutes and 32 seconds in the Static Apnea discipline, were determined to break the world record, set by Pipin Ferreras and Audrey Mestre in 2001, in the “Tandem No Limit” discipline.

Those who followed the second edition of the Buddy Dive Freediving Event noticed that it could only end as a big success. And it did! Both Karol and Patrick were very happy with the conditions of the clear and warm water, extremely suitable for the record attempt. Also the support of Buddy Dive’s safety divers, leaded by Buddy’s Dive Operations Manager Augusto Montbrun, played a big role in the process.

As freediving does not come without risks, and safety comes first, Patrick and Karol were accompanied by 3 safety divers, and 2 safety freedivers to maximize the safety procedures. With Dr. Dick van der Vaart MD, one of the leading doctors within the diving industry and specialized in treating all dive related illnesses, being on board, nothing has been left to its fate with organizing the record attempts.

“For me safety is the most important aspect during this special event. A great bonus is the knowledge and experience regarding tech diving my whole team, including myself, gains. At last we should never forget the fun our staff and our guest have during this busy but exiting month”. (Augusto Montbrun)

After a couple weeks of practice on Wednesday May 26th the first record attempt was planned. Both Patrick and Karol had faith in there abilities because they already came very close to the record during the practice dives, mainly a result of their excellent cooperation which is of great importance during a tandem dive. After a good mental preparation and the positioning of the safety divers Patrick and Karol went into the blue… Several minutes later cheers and hugs followed when they reached the surface… A new world record was set! Patrick and Karol beat the old record with 6 meters (20 feet) by ascending to a depth of 121 meters (397 feet).

Patrick’s reaction just a few hours after setting the new record could not better explain his emotions involved in reaching one of the goals within his “Triple Quest”: “My thoughts go to Pipin Ferreras and his beloved Audrey Mestre. I would like to emphasize that we didn’t beat anyone nor any number. Instead I have tried to highlight how difficult their path has been upon setting their record in 2001. And believe me it has been very challenging…Great respect.”      

To celebrate this new world record TCB (Tourism Cooperation Bonaire) and Buddy Dive Resort together organized a commemoration party at Buddy Dive’s Poolbar. Besides freediving fanatics, press, and sponsors all the people who were involved attended the party and were recognized by speeches and awards.

This Friday evening will be hard to forget for all Buddy Dive Resort’s guests, staff and management. Having all these wonderful people as their guests at a successful celebration party made the Buddy Dive family a very proud family!

Also Buddy’s guests enjoyed the event by attending the several presentations and the clinic hosted by Karol. During the presentations at Buddy’s Poolbar the audience, mainly scuba divers, was amazed by Patrick and Karol their stories about diving without air. Throughout the last week of the event these amazed scuba divers had the opportunity to experience this feeling themselves by joining the 3-days freediving clinic.


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