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Industry’s First-ever Online Dive Computer Training Class Set to Launch

Last month’s widely applauded announcement by a leading SCUBA training organization is helping re-shape how dive retailers and divers view and utilize dive computers in Open Water SCUBA training. A new program, spearheaded by Oceanic Worldwide, is designed to help new divers and student divers to learn how to use the Veo 100 dive computer in a simple, interactive and effective way. This is important as dive computers are now being integrated into basic Open Water Scuba courses.

Oceanic Worldwide has always been on the leading edge of computer and diving technology. As part of its leadership role in the dive industry, Oceanic is helping to produce effective and relevant online training programs involving SCUBA computers to assist the industry as it evolves to the next stage of educational technology.

Oceanic, together with its online training development partner DiveNav, unveils the first online dive computer course, specifically highlighting the Oceanic Veo 100 dive computer. The Veo 100 Specialty Class is the FIRST ever available online dive computer class designed to teach divers how to use a SPECIFIC dive computer. Professionally made, interactive and effective multimedia audio / visual packaged in a cost effective online class that will make for an enjoyable user experience.  Once taken, the Specialty Class doubles as an online multimedia Operating Manual that can be consulted from anywhere around the world.

A video demonstrating the Veo 100 Online Specialty Class may be seen now at

“Together with DiveNav, we have designed this class specifically for retailers”, said Doug Krause of Oceanic Worldwide. “to better allow them to incorporate the Veo 100 into their Open Water Training. While this specific class highlights the Veo 100, it will certainly NOT be the last online dive computer training program Oceanic will be involved with.”

“The Veo 100 is an easy to use, affordable and robust dive computer specifically designed for the new diver and the student diver”, said Alberto Mantovani, President and CEO of DiveNav, “and we are honored to have collaborated on this project with Oceanic, one of the most innovative companies in the scuba industry.”, he concluded.

 The Veo 100 Online Specialty Class is available at

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