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Erin Magee sets ANOTHER US National Freediving Record

(DiverWire from West Bay, Grand Cayman) Erin Magee of Fort Lauderdale, FL has set another new United States Women’s Freediving National Record. Just a few days after setting a US national record of 75 meters (246 feet), Magee has set yet another record while holding her breath and swimming with her mono fin — a depth of 80 meters (262 feet).  Her performance took place during the Performance Freediving Invitational Competition Deja Blue II being conducted in the blue waters off the west coast of Grand Cayman.

Erin finished her competition resetting her own record three times during the week.  Constant Weight is one of the most respected freediving disciplines requiring the athlete to swim to depth with fins or a mono fin and return to the surface, all under their own power.

Erin’s dive took two minutes and thirty-two seconds to complete.  Her return to the surface was relaxed and she completed her surface protocol quickly.  The judges said, “Erin made our job easy.  She finished her performance so strongly there was little work for us to do.  She has a great deal more in her and it will be a joy to see how far she will be able to take this.”

Erin said, “I felt the strongest I have on this dive.  It surprised me that it felt so great.  I received great tips and coaching from my fellow freedivers.  I wish I had more days in the competition to try to go for me.  I want to thank everyone involved in the competition for helping me reach new heights or depths in this case.”  Erin is relatively new to the sport of freediving only becoming serious about her training a little over two year ago.  She is a Staff Instructor with Performance Freediving International.

The Performance Freediving Invitational Competition is an annual event that has taken place in Grand Cayman since 2006.  For more information checkout

Constant Weight (CWT) challenges the athlete to swim to depth and back with the use of fins or a mono fin under their own power while holding their breath.  The athlete is not allowed to contact the competition line other than to recover their tag at depth while turning.  Upon reaching the surface the athlete must perform a surface protocol within fifteen seconds of their return to the surface.

For additional details on the DejaBlue event, click here: Three National Records Fall in One Day!


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