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Divers Alert Network Unveils Year-Round Protection for Travelers

(DiverWire) Divers around the world have long enjoyed the security and protection of having Divers Alert Network (DAN) membership and insurance. With a continued focus on security, the DAN team is pleased to announce the launch of the new Annual Travel Insurance program that will extend DAN’s coverage and travelers’ confidence beyond a single trip.

Developed in consultation with travel professionals and after extensive research with active travelers, the new DAN Annual Travel Insurance program provides coverage for trip cancellation, medical and dental expenses, emergency evacuation, loss or delay of equipment and 24-hour travel consultation and assistance.

DAN Annual Travel Insurance is not based on age, trip cost or duration and provides coverage at three different levels with yearly premiums starting at just under $300. For one flat fee, travelers are covered for all trips more than 100 miles away from home taken over a 12-month period.

“This new program is a natural extension of DAN’s commitment to fulfill the needs of divers and travelers said William Ziefle, CEO of DAN. We understand that active travelers carry extra baggage with a higher price tag, and their trips tend to be longer and more expensive. With this in mind, we focused on securing significant coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, and baggage loss that includes dive and other adventure sports equipment.”

The Annual Travel Insurance program joins a robust line of DAN Travel Insurance products that include Per-Trip Insurance, and Group Travel Insurance.

Since 1980, Divers Alert Network has championed the cause of scuba diver research, safety and protection. DAN continues its commitment to diver safety through research studies, safety initiatives and educational programs that benefit the worldwide scuba diving community. For more details about DAN, visit the Divers Alert Network website.