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Divers Alert Network releases 2010 Progress Report

(DiverWire) – Have you ever wanted to know more about the Divers Alert Network (DAN)? Most scuba divers have heard of and are familiar with DAN, an organization dedicated to scuba diving safety and education. However, the typical diver may not know all the different areas and programs the DAN organization is involved with. Those questions and many others can now be answered.

Divers Alert Network has just released its 2010 Progress Report. In this online document, DAN revisits the commitments made in earlier reports and shares plans for the year ahead.

“DAN’s mission statement of helping divers in need is a promise,” said Joe Poe, chairman of the DAN, Inc. board of directors. “It’s one we don’t take lightly. We recognize our role as the diving industry’s lifeline, and we continue to work to ensure our promise to divers is fulfilled as it has been for more than 30 years. The 2010 Progress Report is a chance to share that work.”

Readers of the report will learn about the Mission, or nonprofit, activities at the core of DAN. From international outreach programs spearheaded by DAN Education and Medicine, to the release of new training programs, to the new studies undertaken by DAN Research, divers will see DAN remains hard at work to ensure it exceeds expectations of its contributions to dive safety.

The report also provides a glimpse of DAN’s fiscal status, allowing divers to see just how far the reach of membership and business support extends.

“DAN remains a strong, viable organization, and it’s a direct result of the continuing support of our members,” said Poe. “Divers have committed to their support to DAN, and we’ve taken a lot of steps to ensure we honor our commitment to them, regardless of circumstance or economic outlook. Our own financial outlook remains strong, and it’s allowed us not only to maintain the nonprofit services on which divers depend, but to expand them as well.”

The 2010 Progress Report is available to the public for download at no charge and can be accessed at Readers of the report with feedback, questions or suggestions are encouraged to contact DAN at any time.

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