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Dive Stores Can’t Keep It In Stock!

Scuba Diving International Can’t Keep Advanced Adventure Manual in stock

SDI3rdprintOne of the most popular teaching tools provided by Scuba Diving International (SDI) is so popular, that the company and dive stores are having trouble keeping it in stock. The Advanced Adventure manual, which is used for divers enrolled in SDI’s advanced diver certification courses, has sold out twice since being introduced just a few months ago.

According to SDI Vice-President of Training and Member Services Sean Harrison, “This is actually a GOOD problem to have. We strive to create products that divers will use and re-use. Obviously divers are taking to the SDI Advanced Adventure program in a big way.”

The manual, which is one of the agency’s most expansive, runs 150 pages of full-color content and covers 11 specialties from the SDI™ Advanced Adventure Curriculum. Advanced Adventure is often mentioned as SDI’s™ next step for divers who have recently graduated from an Open Water class.

Participants complete one dive from two core programs (Deep and Navigation) and then choose three more specialty dives from a menu that includes favorites such as Night, Wreck, Drift, and Marine Ecology to complete the program. In contrast to the agency’s Advanced Diver Development Program, Advanced Adventure can be completed in a weekend and is growing in popularity with SDI™ Open Water Divers as well as graduates from competitive programs.

Harrison adds, “Now that we’ve completed our third printing and are well-prepared for the fourth printing, we’re looking forward to turning our attention to other new and exciting projects divers will just have to stay tuned for.”

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