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Dive Into the World’s Deepest Pool

(DiverWire) It’s been called the world’s deepest pool, and for good reason. NEMO 33 in Brussels, Belgium is nearly 110 feet deep (33 meters).  Earlier this year, a group of select dive pros from Scuba Schools International (SSI) were able to dive into this impressive facility as part of an international training program.

According to Doug McNeese of Scuba Schools International, each year, NEMO 33 hosts 35,000 divers from around the world.  He said there is significance in the “33” in the NEMO 33 name. “33 means that the pool is 33 meters deep and 33 degrees (33 meters is approximately 108.2 feet and 33 degrees Celsius is 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit).  It was very special for SSI professionals to attend our Scuba University program in such an amazing place.”

McNeese said the NEMO 33 facility provided enough diversity to train the participants in multiple situations and environments.

With three different depth levels (16 ft, 32 ft and 108 feet) NEMO 33 is designed to appeal to a wide range of scuba divers, an even non-divers. The pool is filled with 2,500,000 liters of non-chlorinated, highly filtered spring water maintained at 86 degrees and contains several simulated underwater caves at approximately 30 feet.

While it’s been around for several years, most American divers don’t know about NEMO 33 since Brussels isn’t exactly at the top of most dive travel destination lists. However, for roughly $32 a dive for certified divers, this is a place most divers wishes existed in the United States.
NEMO 33 also has a restaurant and bar, perfect for hungry divers who like to eat and have a drink after a dive.

McNeese continued, “John Beernauts and the NEMO 33 staff have done a spectacular job with this facility. Every detail is taken care of and the facilities are exceptional.”

For more information on the NEMO 33 facility, go to NEMO 33

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