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The Dive platform at the back of the forty foot Conch Republic dive vessel rose and fell at least three to six feet as the highly trained DMW ( Diveheart Military Wounded ) team of dive professionals transferred an Iraqi war military veteran diver with a traumatic brain injury back onto the boat after his fifty minute dive to forty feet in the Florida Keys.


The blind Vietnam veteran was next.  With the precision and timing of a Swiss watch

 ( just add water and salty swells that reached six feet ) the DMW team simply positioned their wounded warrior at the dive ladder at just the right time so he could egress the angry ocean safely.


By the end of the last dive day on Sunday May 17th,  the DMW team had successfully completed their mission of certifying, as scuba divers, veterans with traumatic brain injuries, blindness, quadriplegia and PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ).


These injured veterans from wars so far apart and so different had one thing in common….they could now penetrate the surface of the ocean together with confidence, exploring the vast wonder of the water column that we call the world’s oceans.  


This last frontier on Earth is a place where gravity does not reign.  It is a sanctuary of weightless freedom for those with disabilities who struggle through simple daily tasks while on terra firma.


Diveheart Military Wounded serves all of our nations wounded warriors and veterans with disabilities.  DMW does not discriminate based on age, sex, active or retired military or disability.


You can join the ranks of these professional & highly trained scuba diving instructors, divemasters & committed dive volunteers…..and make the difference in the life of a serviceman or woman who has given so much to preserve our freedom by simply contacting Diveheart Military Wounded at or call 630-964-1983.


If you are a veteran that suffers from a disability or an active or retired military service member and would like to learn more please contact DMW today. 

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