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DAN releases new online video – Dive Accident Management

(DiverWire) Since its debut in 2011, the online video lecture series from Divers Alert Network® (DAN®) has had divers clamoring for more. Featuring DAN experts discussing a variety of topics of common interest to divers, the videos have proven popular with those seeking to continue their dive safety education. The third installment of the video series examines dive accident management with DAN CEO and Chief Medical Officer Nicholas Bird, M.D.

“Dive Accident Management” addresses the underlying physics and physiology of decompression illnesses and the appropriate pre-hospital management of dive injuries. It examines the causes of diving-related fatalities and looks at the primary methods of accident prevention. The 45-minute lecture also reviews the signs and symptoms of decompression illness and treatment procedures.

“One of DAN’s primary initiatives is to provide information and training that help prevent diving associated accidents,” said Bird. “We felt that any discussion of dive accidents should include both the underlying mechanisms as well as treatment. Our goal is to elevate the general understanding of decompression illness and thus further reduce its impact.”

Like all other videos in the series, “Dive Accident Management” is not only for individual viewing. It’s an ideal video to share in group settings such as dive club meetings, pre-trip orientations and educational settings. The videos are available at no charge to DAN Members, and each installment can be viewed an unlimited number of times.

“The video lecture series is a great example of the benefits divers enjoy through their membership,” said Dan Orr, president of DAN. “Educating divers on dive safety and continually seeking ways to improve dive safety are core tenets of DAN’s mission.”

All online seminars are free to DAN Members, and access is automatically included with DAN Membership. To access the seminars, simply visit the link and log in as a DAN Member.

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