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DAN Launches New Online Store

DAN is the safety organization for the scuba diving community(DiverWire) Divers Alert Network has announced the launch of a new online store. Designed for scuba diving DAN members and professionals, the online store offers a variety of features including the ability to access Business and ProMember pricing as well as the purchase of DAN Education materials, available online for the first time.

“Promoting dive safety through products and education is one of the cornerstones of DAN,” said William M. Ziefle, president and CEO of DAN Holdings. “One of the advantages of online shopping is 24/7 access, and we wanted to expand our ordering availability – and the appropriate pricing – to those in the field who are selling DAN safety products and teaching DAN Education programs. The easier we make the ordering process for those supporting DAN, the more dive safety tools reach divers.”

In addition to the revised pricing options, scuba divers  will enjoy easier navigation and enhanced product descriptions. They’ll also find the new store demonstrates the value of DAN Business Membership. When DAN Members log in to browse products, nearby DAN Business Members are displayed on the page.

“DAN Business Members are well-known as service providers with a focus on safety,” said Ziefle. “By integrating these businesses into the online store, we’re providing a valuable resource to all divers.”

The new store supports the endeavors of dive businesses as well individual instructors. DAN Education materials are now available for sale online, making it easier for those planning to teach DAN training programs. Training materials can be purchased only by those qualified to teach the courses, but again, the store’s login process provides the information necessary to allow access.

“The goal of the entire redesign was to make online ordering at DAN faster, easier and more complete for all DAN members,” said Panchabi Vaithiyanathan, CIO of DAN Holdings. “By designing the store so a single login provides the information needed to offer all applicable products and pricing, we were able to accomplish our goal and more.”

Every DAN Membership comes with an online account. DAN encourages all of its members to take a few minutes to visit the new online store, login and enjoy all of the new features it offers.

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