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DAN Designates May as DAN Member Month

(DiverWire) In honor of every diver who has helped make Divers Alert Network what it is today, DAN has designated May as DAN Member Month.

Throughout the month, divers can engage with DAN on Facebook and Twitter to learn, share and understand all the things DAN is able to do because of its members. Divers will be able to:

  • Join in the next live Facebook chat on May 9 from 2-3pm (EST). DAN Medical Information Specialist Marty McCafferty will be on hand to discuss “Ears and Diving,” the most frequently discussed topic on the DAN Emergency Hotline and Medical Information Line
  • Enjoy the new Trip Tips, offered every week to help improve travel safety and enjoyment
  • Learn about the various services and resources DAN makes available to the dive industry

·         Test their knowledge with dive safety quizzes.

·         Keep learning with DAN online video lecture series.

·         See an Alert Diver-related wish fulfilled

DAN is the heart of dive safety, but DAN Members are the heart of DAN. So join us throughout the month of May in celebrating all of you who have chosen to be part of the industry’s greatest and only dive safety organization!