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DAN announces FREE online training seminars for divers

(DiverWire) Divers Alert Network has always been and always will be dedicated to the safety and education of the diving community. One way DAN continues to accomplish the organization’s mission is through topical training and informative seminars. In celebration of Dive Safety Month, the organization is featuring 20 of its most popular seminars available online for divers to use to enhance their dive safety education.

DANex-220x115-200x115Presented by leading dive safety medical and research experts, these safety seminars cover important topics including ear injuries, decompression illness, dive accident management, medications and diving, emergency action plans and much more.

These seminars are great additions to dive club meetings, get-togethers with dive buddies or increase personal dive safety knowledge. Stream them from, share the link or, for select topics, request a free DVD from DAN.

“Through these recorded presentations we can more effectively deliver our message and extend our educational outreach to all members of the diving community,” said William Ziefle, DAN President and CEO. “Each presentation contains essential safety information, addressing questions we receive through our Medical Information Line. They are the perfect complement to DAN’s first aid programs and help divers prepare for dive accident prevention and management – at no cost.”

To view the online educational presentations visit To request a DVD edition of select seminars, please contact your DAN Membership Representative by calling +1-800-446-2671.

Divers Alert Network is the scuba diving industry’s leading source for scuba diving safety and education. In addition to DAN Medical Information Line and 24-hour emergency hotline, DAN offers free educational resources online including medical FAQs, articles and safety quizzes. DAN resources are available worldwide and the organization continues to explore ways to increase diver safety through research studies and first aid training. For more information about DAN, visit