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Buddy Dive Bonaire teams up with Dive Rite and TDI for weeklong technical diving event

(DiverWire) This October, Buddy Dive Resort will team up with Dive Rite and TDI for some exciting weeks of Technical Dive Demonstrations, Presentations and Trainings. Additionally Special Equipment, Materials and Fills will be available during the event.

With as many as 60 officially listed dive sites on Bonaire, most of them easy accessible from shore, Bonaire offers the perfect conditions for tech divers. Forget about the hassle of carrying your heavy tech diving gear onto boats with a medium visibility reward – a cold water dive after sitting and waiting on a boat for 60 minutes. Instead, pick your own dive site, drive there whenever you like, gear up at the back of your truck and just walk easily into the warm, calm ocean!

Buddy Dive Resort is totally geared up for you to make the most out of your tech diving vacation. With a fleet of custom dive boats and a well stocked ‘Drive Thru’ offering air/nitrox tanks, every divers needs can be satisfied. Besides unlimited air/nitrox fills for the entire 6 days, qualified CCR divers will have support for their dives including scrubbing material and standard tri-mix fills for FREE! Sidemount divers will have tanks available in various sizes included in the package.

“Dive Something Different, Learn Something New”

For divers that have not experienced Rebreather or Sidemount Diving, Free Demos will be available throughout the week. Educational sessions by leading Dive Professionals will also be available to help educate divers, in this style of diving and technology.

Stay with us during the event and book our famous Drive & Dive package which includes:

  • Accommodation for 7 nights
  • Daily breakfast buffet 7 days
  • RENTAL VEHICLE for 7 days
  • Airport transfers
  • Unlimited air/nitrox for 6 days
  • FREE trimix fills for CCR divers
  • Bail out bottles, only pay when used
  • 408 & 812 size Scrubbing material or ExtendAir cartridges for FREE
  • 40, 63 & 80 cu/ft. tank available without extra charge for sidemount diving
  • 10% Discount on open circuit fills
  • Wifi on property
  • Buddy Dive Tech Diving T-shirt
  • FREE Rum Punch Party
  • Welcome drink
  • All government taxes

From $768.65 for the whole week (per person based on 6 persons in a 3-bedroom apartment)

Add on 6 Boat Dives for only $129.60 (incl. tax)

Add a Special Guided Tri-mix dive to the Windjammer Wreck (depth: 200ft) for only $250.00 pp. (incl. tax) | | 1-866-GO-BUDDY (Toll Free)

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