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Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Becomes Scuba Diver

(DiverWire) Adrianne Haslet, former dancer, lost part of her leg in the Boston Marathon bombings in April of 2013. Less than a year later, and Haslet is scuba diving with hammerhead sharks near Cocos Island, hundreds of miles off the coast Costa Rica.


“Dancing and diving are actually very similar,” Haslet told the Tico Times during an interview. “Dancing may not come naturally to someone — diving almost never does — and you need to trust your instructor and push your comfort zone. But once you get the hang of it, it’s poetic and beautiful.”

A former dance teacher, Adrianne Haslet was injured alongside her husband Adam Davis in the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15th, 2013. Davis suffered minor injuries and nerve damage from shrapnel, but Haslet’s leg was badly mangled and had to be amputated. They were only two of over 260 people to be injured during the blast.

Afterward, she decided that diving, specifically with sharks, was a great way to feed her natural adventurous spirit.  Haslet went to Costa Rican sites Culebra Bay and the Cocos Islands to finish her open water certificate, which will allow her to dive all over the globe. Haslet makes her way through the water with a pair of fins like anyone else, but has the left fin duct-taped to her knee with almost a third of a roll of tape.

In March, Haslet danced onstage in Vancouver through the use of a revolutionary new prosthetic limb.


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