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Zeagle introduces Covert, a superlight BC that doesn’t compromise

(DiverWire) For any diver looking to find a lightweight buoyancy compensator that doesn’t compromise quality or durability, Zeagle’s all-new Covert BC is the answer. Released this week, Covert continues Zeagle’s 30-year tradition of designing rugged buoyancy compensators that stand the test of time. It’s made of durable, high-endurance materials and yet maintains an incredibly light weight despite its solid construction and full feature set.

BCD_COVERT_BLK_0Part of the Ranger BCD lineage, Covert uses 1000 Denier Cordura nylon, an extremely durable and abrasion-resistant material, offering the diver rugged durability at just 3.9 lbs. “We’ve incorporated 30 years of philosophy and design experience into this new BCD”, said Christoph Palmanshofer, Brand Manager for Zeagle. “We wanted to make the best lightweight BCD on the market, while staying true to our roots. Covert makes it fun and easy to go diving. Throw it in your truck, travel light, but still know it’s durable and built to last.”

Covert includes features such as an adjustable sternum strap, ditchable weight pockets, and an elastic mesh fabric on the bladder assembly. The mesh helps maintain a streamlined profile in the water, while still allowing the BCD to offer a generous 32 lbs. lift. All this can be rolled up into a package not much larger than a folded up newspaper making Covert easy to transport.

“Divers have high expectations for the quality and performance of Zeagle products, and Covert exceeds these expectations,” says Palmanshofer. “This is an industry best when it comes to durability and weight. Any diver wanting to travel light no longer has to compromise.”

For more details, visit the Zeagle website.