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Woman Owned Deep Dives on Being “Blue” for 30 Years in Honor of Earth Day 2019

Diving Instructor Melinda Herndon remembers 30 years back when she launched her Scuba shop in Irvine, California, particularly to her lifelong dedication to Mother Earth. As a mother herself, she knows what she’s talking about:

“The survival of our planet is contingent upon the health of our seas. 70% of our earth consists of water with 70% of earth’s oxygen produced by plants that live below sea level. was founded with the idea that people will be the stewards of and advocates for the underwater world. When you have experienced a reef first hand, seeing how even a small rock can host a rich and diverse community of flora and fauna, you cannot help but want to do your part.”

Doing your part can be as simple as paying a little bit more for reef safe sunblock, or as far as revamping (or replacing) your dive gear in order to minimize harm to the environment while enjoying your latest underwater adventure. 30 years ago divers thought nothing of carving off pieces of coral, clanking their tanks against the reefs, or resting their flippers along the rocks. Today the Scuba community is making great efforts to save the rapidly disappearing reefs and marine life.

It is with renewed commitment that invites you and your loved ones to celebrate their 30th anniversary (and Mother’s Day weekend) at beautiful Casino Point on Catalina Island Saturday, August 18th. Your $50 pass includes round trip ferry, guided SCUBA (or snorkel) diving adventures, picnic lunch, and a scavenger hunt with prizes. Demo dive gear from Indigo Industries, Zeagle, Hollis, Atomic Aquatic, Suunto, StahlSac, Bare and Oceanic will be featured. For more on this exciting event please visit or call the Dive shop in Irvine, California at (949) 221-9300. You can also visit and

And yes, we will have a big bottle of marine safe sunblock on hand so you can slather up safely for your protection…and the reef’s protection.

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