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Whites Introduces new Fusion ONE drysuit

(DiverWire) Whites Manufacturing is pleased to announce the release of their latest version of the popular Fusion range of Drysuits – Fusion ONE.

“Fusion ONE changes everything”, said Justin Balaski, Brand Manager for Whites Manufacturing. “It’s the first Drysuit to offer Fusion DryCORE technology for $999”.

Fusion DryCORE technology changed Drysuits forever with its debut in 2007. The patented dual layer design, incorporating a loose cut inner shell (the DryCORE) and a stretchy outer skin, offers divers flexibility, streamlining and air management – properties never before seen in a Drysuit.

“DryCORE technology blends the desirable features of a wetsuit such as streamlining, fit and ease of use, with the warmth and comfort of a Drysuit”, said Justin Balaski. “At $999 Fusion ONE further blurs the distinction between wetsuits and Drysuits”.

Demand for the Fusion ONE is expected to be high among newly certified divers.

“We believe that many divers, especially newly certified divers, avoid diving dry due to the higher initial cost and perceived difficulty of using a Drysuit. With the proven performance of DryCORE technology available for under a grand, Fusion ONE is a viable alternative for divers who are considering spending five or six hundred dollars on a quality wetsuit”.

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