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Bye Bye Neoprene! Waterproof Gear unveils new Silicone Drysuit seals

Waterproof is pleased to announce the availability of its revolutionary new silicone seal system, a drysuit category first.  Compatible with drysuits equipped with the most commonly used quick-exchange ring systems, divers now have the opportunity to upgrade one of the most troublesome and costly replacement parts of diving dry.

Waterproof’s new wrist and neck seals far exceed current latex products and are sure to set the standard for all drysuits in the future.

Constructed of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone, Waterproof’s seals have 40% more stretch, superior tear resistance, and offer enhanced comfort compared to latex.  The seals also eliminate the need for talc or powder and divers with latex allergies can dive carefree knowing they are non-allergenic.  In addition, the seals are highly durable and resistant to degradation by UV light, ozone or chemicals.

Embrace comfort and learn more about the Waterproof’s Silicone Seal System here.

About Waterproof: Established in Göteborg, Sweden in 1984, Waterproof is a leader in exposure suit technology and manufacturing offering a full-line of premium wetsuits, drysuits and accessories.  Waterproof’s commitment to quality and design has placed them at the top of the European exposure suit market with award-winning products for over 25 years.

Waterproof products are distributed in the Americas by TUSA, please visit information.


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