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Vivid Pix - Land & Sea

Vivid-Pix Land & Sea Picture Fix Software

Rick Voight, CEO of Vivid-Pix, produced a desktop underwater image editing program several years ago, and for just about that long I’ve been asking him to make a mobile app version of the product.

If you’re like me, the only time you have to edit underwater images is when you’re standing in line at the grocery store.

Well, the app is now available for top side and bottom side imaging and it’s great.  If you’re interested in just getting the best image possible in the shortest amount of time required-this product is for you.   The default app is ‘Vivid-Pix Land & Sea‘ and if you want to get more serious about your underwater photos you can pay for an enhanced app.  It will take you about two minutes to clean up a bunch of photos. Just go through and select the ones you want to enhance and you’ll be given many options to choose from.  Tick on the one you like the best and hit the arrow key to move on to the next photo. Your original photos will be preserved and your enhanced  photos will be saved to a new folder called Vivid-Pix.

There’s no other product in the marketplace for underwater photo editing and I’m sure glad that Rick developed this app for the diver on the run.

Thanks for making me look better than I am at underwater photography, Rick.