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The secret is out – new AERIS ACCEL fins a hit even before they ship!

(DiverWire) Since last Fall, word has been spreading about the upcoming ACCEL fins being developed by AERIS. Dive retailers, media members and key industry insiders who previewed the new fins were impressed by the design, performance and features this new product is set to deliver. Now, as the industry prepares for the 2013 season, the ACCEL line will soon be in local dive stores.

According to AERIS Vice President Doug Krause, “We’ve been talking about it and the buzz has been growing for months about these fins – now I’m pleased to tell you that the time is just about here for divers to experience what the ACCEL fins can do.”

Krause said that AERIS engineers set out to develop a small, lightweight travel-friendly fin… but to specifically avoid the typical performance sacrifices made to do so. I wanted the fact that it can fit in a carry-on bag to be secondary. So far, our internal testing has shown that we have been very successful in accomplishing that goal.

But Krause encourages divers not to take the company’s word for it. Scuba Diving magazine recently featured the ACCEL fins in its 2013 Gear Preview issue.

Preliminary results of equipment tests by Scuba Diving magazine editors and staff were not only encouraging, but highly impressive. According to the publication’s website, “(The ACCEL) is shorter and lighter than virtually any other open-heel fin out there, yet our preliminary tests found it able to outpace the best of them in speed, power and maneuverability.”

Shorter than most top-line full-foot fins (less than 21 inches) and very lightweight (1 pound, 5 ounces for a size regular), the Accel gives fans of open-heel fins the best of both worlds: the comfort and adjustability of an open-heel fin, with the weight, size and performance of a full-foot fin. While also good for local diving, you won’t find a better open-heel travel fin. AERIS has prepared a product preview page that highlights the introduction of the ACCEL line. In addition, divers and professionals wanting to know the exact release date and product availability can sign up for an email notification to ensure they are the first to purchase this exciting product when it reaches local retailers.

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