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XSScuba Compact Console Retractor

The $24 spend that would’ve saved a month of underwater memories on my camera…

So, I couldn’t have been given more warnings to buy a retractor cord by the lost camera gods. I have probably dropped my camera a dozen times, but since it’s neutrally buoyant, I’ve always been very lucky at retrieving it quickly… Not so lucky last week.

I jumped in with my normal two cameras: a GoPro video & my precious Sealife Micro HD camera.  I had a plan organized to pass off the latter to a friend so we could double down on taking photos at the legendary Manta Point in Nusa Penida.

Problem is that the site did not disappoint. The minute I hit the water I spotted a couple of nearby Mantas and headed out towards them.

In my excited scramble, I realized that I had dropped my favourite camera…which contained a month’s worth of underwater memories from the past manic month of dive travel.

Thankfully, I had used the neato Sealife Micro Cam app to sync to my smart phone so a few of the images were spared.

My advice to anyone who’s bringing a camera with them on a dive is to purchase a retractable lanyard so you always have a Secure point of connection of this expensive item to your person.

The very embarrassing side note is that as a dive store owner, it would have been extremely easy to have sorted myself.