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California SCUBA Show to feature Stan Waterman, Wyland

America’s Largest Consumer Dive Expo, the SCUBA Show, has announced that legendary filmmaker Stan Waterman will be speaking at the two-day show and that marine artist Wyland will be returning for a second year in a row.

The producers of the show are confident that these two names will draw additional people to the already very successful show. With an attendance of over 10,000 each year for the past 20 years and an attendance of 10,202 last year, the SCUBA Show is pulling out all the stops for even higher numbers this year.

“Stan Waterman is a legendary name in scuba diving, and we are delighted that he will be speaking at out show this year. I know the size of crowds he has drawn in New Jersey and Chicago and we are hoping he will do the same here,” said assistant director Christopher D. Sheckler.  “And, our numbers show that people who attend seminars stay in the exhibit hall longer, and are more likely to come both days. These are the high quality attendees that exhibitors want to talk to.”

“Wyland is a big draw as well, and we had such a good response from divers last year, that we invited him back this year. We had divers across the state e-mailing us about how they told their friends about watching him paint. This year, we are counting on them to bring their friends.”

Not only will Wyland be doing a live painting on Saturday, but on Sunday he will be doing a special painting with kids mural. Jennifer Martin of Wyland Worldwide discusses the special event, “Wyland starts off by talking to the kids/families, and giving them a quick painting lesson as he creates part of the background. He then usually begins to paint one large marine animal on the canvas.  At that point, he usually invites the first group of kids to join him in painting. We have about 15-20 kids paint every 15 minutes, and usually accommodate up to 200 kids.”

“This is a great way to drive family attendance and gain some media/pr around the show. We did the painting event for Art Expo New York last year, and Art Expo implemented a kids mural to help gain PR for the event. The Aquarium of the Pacific did a similar event with Wyland last year and it sold out.  They had to turn away people wanting to paint with him.”

This year SCUBA Show 2010 will also feature more door prizes donated by exhibitors and high quality reusable give-away bags to the first 1000 people in attendance each day.

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