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Scuba Mesh Backpack Bag Review

(DiverWire) A scuba gear review from actual scuba instructor Melinda:

“The Scuba Mesh Backpack Bag is an absolute necessity for any diver. It’s 5122 cubic inches allows it to hold a complete set of dive gear, but for packing, it can be folded up to the size of an orange and weighs practically nothing. Whether traveling or diving locally, that’s maximum storage for a tiny footprint.


A spacious front velcro pocket stores anything you don’t want to lose. Padded sleeves can make a heavy load feel like a light burden. The mesh sides and bottom drainage grommet make rinsing your gear a breeze – just dunk the whole works, bag included, and let it all dry. A Scuba Mesh Backpack Bag is great for any diver or snorkeler hauling a lot of gear.”