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Pinnacle Aquatics unveils SIX new wetsuit designs for scuba divers

(DiverWire) Pinnacle Aquatics has just released six newest models of wetsuits.  Recreational scuba divers will appreciate the new Tempo 7mm, Tempo 5mm, and Tempo 3mm (all male models), and the newest female suits, the Siren 7mm, 5mm, and 3mm.  Each of these exciting new designs incorporate advances in wetsuit technology that have never been offered to scuba divers, and are available only from Pinnacle.

The Tempo and Siren utilize a new generation of Pinnacle’s Elastiprene neoprene that is considerably more flexible and stretchy than any that the company has ever offered before, making these wetsuits the easiest to don and doff, best fitting, and most comfortable to wear that Pinnacle has ever produced.  In addition, the Siren has been engineered from the ground up as a product totally separate from its male counterpart, offering better fit and function for a woman’s body.

As is true to Pinnacle’s heritage, these new models also allow divers to get comfort and fit without sacrificing warmth and protection.  The revolutionary Pinnacle Tempo and Siren wetsuits give divers both!  These high-stretch wetsuits provide warmth, comfort, and durability that divers the world over have come to expect from Pinnacle.

They are warmer than other suits that you’ve ever worn because of the overwhelming amount of features that are packed into these products, including advanced sealing mechanisms and Pinnacle’s patented Merino™ lining system, which not only adds significant warmth without increasing bulk or buoyancy, but also promotes quick drying after a dive and helps to reduce odors.

All Pinnacle Tempo and Siren wetsuits come with a comprehensive list of features that include:

  • A choice of 3mm, 5mm, or 7mm thicknesses
  • Pinnacle’s patented Merino™ lining system adds up to 35% insulating power
  • Merino™ dries quickly, helps the suit slide on, and is odor-resistant
  • Next-generation Elastiprene titanium lined neoprene throughout the wetsuit is even stretchier and more flexible than the original Elastiprene wetsuits
  • One of the most comfortable and stretchy wetsuits available, Elastiprene rubber makes donning and doffing simple
  • Rear zipper is equipped with a 10mm spine flap and smoothskin seal to provide spine protection and reduce internal water movement
  • Pinnacle Defense System (PDS) prevents zipper from biting into the spine pad
  • Main zipper is equipped with long pull leash and Velcro tie-down
  • 8” ankle zippers seals make donning and doffing easier, yet seal water out
  • Smoothskin chimney ankle and o-ring wrist seals create effective barriers to water entry; trapping body-heated water inside the suit, keeping the diver warm
  • Roll neck collar with newly redesigned neck closure and smoothskin seal  provides a better water barrier and increased comfort
  • Molded rubber shoulder pads hold BC in place, pad the diver’s shoulders, and prevent suit wear
  • Innovative multi-panel rubber knee pads protect the diver and the suit
  • Double-glued and blind stitched construction
  • Stress disks applied at all internal seam intersections for added strength
  • 13 Male and 10 Female sizes
  • Exterior lining that is very resistant to Velcro and other snags
  • New brighter, livelier color patterns that are unique to each gender
  • Comprehensive warranty program
  • Free wetsuit hanger with every suit

The feedback from test marketing trials shows that this is the best fitting, most comfortable, easiest-to-own line of suits that Pinnacle has ever produced.  This data, combined with our product knowledge, leads Pinnacle to believe that this will prove to be its best-selling line ever, and will prove to be the flagship line in the new Pinnacle range.

For more information, visit the Pinnacle Aquatics website

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