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OZTek Dive Conference and Exhibition

The premier dive show in the Asia Pacific Region, OZTek covers all aspects of technical and recreational diving, equipment, travel, and photography.

This is a speaker-driven event which brings together over 500 pass holders, who are key influencers in the diving world, with another 1400 enthusiastic participants in a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of modern diving.

Over 100 sessions are delivered in a TED Talk style format, featuring experts on a wide variety of subjects.

OZTek is a full-scale dive exhibition with over 70 exhibitors, like eScuba, who keep coming back to take part in this amazing event. Diving consumers and the industry elite alike come together for two days of education and adventure.

OZTek Advanced Diving Conference

For over 20 years, OZTek has grown to become synonymous with diving excitement and adventure.

OZTek is now an internationally recognized conference with a focus on the latest developments and technology in the world of underwater exploration. Come and listen to world-class speakers share their adventures and passionate tales of the oceanic world we all explore.

You will hear from speakers like Dr. Richard Harris, whose passion for cave diving prepared him for his part in the rescue effort in the 2018 Thailand Cave Rescue.

Every diver, regardless of their experience level, who has a thirst for knowledge and an adventurous spirit is welcome.

Pics: Vivian Matson-Larkin / Lindsay Preece

OZTek Dive Exhibition

In conjunction with the OZTek conference, the diving exhibition is a full-scale Dive, Training & Travel Show that features the essentials for the full spectrum of underwater activities.

Exhibitors have the opportunity to directly engage with one of the world’s most dynamic regional diving markets.

The exhibition acts as a meeting ground for dedicated diving consumers and industry professionals to keep their knowledge—and their equipment—up to date.

Pics: Vivian Matson-Larkin / Lindsay Preece

Upcoming Show

Celebrate OZTek’s 20th year in 2019!

  • Saturday 16th March 2019: 09.00 – 18.00
  • Sunday 17th March 2019: 09.00 – 17.00

This upcoming OZTek will be held at the International Convention Centre Sydney.


OZTek Diving Technologies Conference & Exhibition


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