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Oceanic Worldwide Unveils OCi Dive Computer

(DiverWire) In the highly-competitive world of scuba diving computers and technology, it’s difficult to match the OCi – the latest innovation from Oceanic Worldwide. Unveiled to the scuba diving industry earlier this month, the OCi combines features found in Oceanic’s OCS, OC1, B.U.D. and ProPlus 3 models to deliver the ultimate tool for today’s scuba diver.

oci_3qtr_blue_webDesigned by the highly progressive Oceanic product development team, the OCi delivers the latest in wireless air-integration along with the patented dual-algorithm feature that lets divers select how conservative or progressive they want their dive to be. Further, the OCi can handle up to four different gasses, calculate nitrogen in the new “tech free-dive” mode, and display a multitude of information that can easily be customized.

“This is easily the most technically-advanced, yet simple dive computer available today,” says Oceanic President Dan Emke. “All Oceanic technological innovations are developed with the scuba diver in mind. The OCi takes this to a new level because of the many options that are available to the user. Recreational divers will appreciate the simplicity, while technical divers will like the diversity and ability to customize the displays, algorithms and even if you’re diving in fresh water or sea water.”

Emke adds that as part of the OCi introduction program, Oceanic dealers can offer their customers an added bonus – a FREE transmitter (a $400 value) with each unit purchased. This offer is only available for a limited time, so he encouraged Oceanic dealers to act fast in placing their orders.

The OCi is shipping now. For more details, visit the Oceanic Website or contact your nearest Oceanic dealer.