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Oceanic unveils new website

(DiverWire) Oceanic Worldwide has just unveiled a brand new website designed to inform, educate and motivate today’s savvy recreational scuba divers. The new site, was developed by divers for divers and it shows.

The entire Oceanic product line is available instantly, with quick drop-down menus and fast-loading graphics and details designed to answer virtually any question a diver might have. Further, the simple-to-navigate design makes it easy to research a product.

According to Doug Krause of Oceanic, “Today’s scuba divers are more technology-conscious than ever before. Not only do they demand the most up-to-date and advanced EQUIPMENT, but they also seek out the most advanced INFORMATION as well. That’s exactly what we have done with this site.”

Krause points out there are several notable “firsts” available on this site including news and feature stories, links to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and most impressively, a special section that highlights Oceanic specials and promotions AND where divers can go to take advantage of these specials.

Oceanic continues to unveil unique and different tools for divers. The company’s IPhone App continues to generate worldwide attention and its online training programs are making it easier than ever for divers to enjoy the underwater world.

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