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Oceanic Introduces Industry’s first dedicated BACKUP Dive Computer

(DiverWire) One of the first rules of scuba diving is to always be prepared. In many instances, that means have a back-up plan, profile or spare equipment should something unexpectedly go wrong. Ironically, with all of the dive computers and options on the market today, no dive manufacturer has ever introduced a designated BACK-UP dive computer – until now! Oceanic Worldwide is pleased to introduce the B.U.D. (Back Up Device), a simple, yet powerful piece of equipment that provides divers with peace of mind.

The B.U.D., which begins shipping this week, is one of the most eagerly anticipated new products of the year. Small and lightweight, you can clip the B.U.D. to your BCD or put it in your pocket and forget about it – until you need it. What makes the B.U.D. unique is that it features the exclusive Oceanic Dual Algorithm system that allows a diver to “match” their primary computer’s profiles in the event of a problem.

According to Doug Krause, Oceanic Worldwide’s Marketing Manager, “There isn’t anything on the market today that does what the B.U.D. does. Having it as part of your standard equipment can help save a day of diving or even a trip.” Krause explained that many live-aboards and dive resorts offer rental computers to divers. However, should there be a problem with one of them, some operators have a policy of keeping divers out of the water as a safety precaution. Having a back up device could easily help save a day or more of precious dive time on an expensive trip.

Some additional features of the B.U.D. include:

  • Long-Life User Replaceable Battery
  • Adjustable Units of Measure
  • Nitrox to 50%
  • Universal Clip
  • Large, Easy to Read Display
  • Time To Fly / Desaturation
  • Safety Stop Countdown
  • Conservative Factor Setting

The B.U.D. is scheduled to be in dive stores early next week. For more details, visit the Oceanic Worldwide website. Watch for a DiverWire product review of the B.U.D. shortly.

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