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Ocean Quest wetsuits – a comfortable alternative to exposure protection

Over the years, I’ve found that it is sometimes easier to scuba dive without a wetsuit. As a larger man, it hasn’t been easy finding a wetsuit that fit properly and provided the comfort I needed to enjoy my dive.

Last month, a friend sent over an Ocean Quest Titanium shorty suit for my dive buddy and I to dive with during our trip to Cozumel, Mexico. My feelings on diving with a wetsuit, at least in warmer tropical environments, has certainly changed.

Ocean Quest wetsuit
Ocean Quest wetsuit

The premium “super stretch” neoprene material made it easier than ever to put on the suit, and conversely, take it off following a dive. More importantly, my dive buddy (Karina) kept telling me how flattering the suit made me look. I’m NOT a vain man, but it never hurts when a lovely lady tells you that you look nice.

Of course, it the suits made “me” look nice, think of how they made Karina look. The wetsuit was not only flattering to her figure, but she said she liked the comfortable material that didn’t pinch or bind the way that some wetsuits do.

In the water, I’ve often found wetsuits prevent me from being truly comfortable. Either my shoulders or legs can be restricted from a full range of movement. That didn’t happen with this suit. I’m looking forward to adding this one to my dive bag for future trips.

The suits came in an attractive black and midnight blue color combination. The design was very appealing and we had several other divers asking us about the suits.

While no product is perfect, these suits came very close. A well-designed back leash zipper made it easy to get ready for a dive, and if I had to wait for others, the soft form-fitting material didn’t bind or cause any discomfort. Could it have fit better? Perhaps – but I attribute that more to my diet and the great food we enjoyed during the trip.

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