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New VENOM mask from Atomic Aquatics rattles the dive industry

(DiverWire) It seems like every time the boys at Atomic Aquatics release a new product, it causes a stir in the dive industry. That trend continues with the launch of the new Venom mask that isn’t just causing a stir, but more of a tidal wave of interest with dive retailers from coast to coast.

Previewed at the DEMA Trade Show, the Venom mask is already the hot product of 2012 as Atomic Aquatics dealers are quickly discovering the popularity of this innovative new design among the scuba diving public. According to Atomic’s Dean Garraffa, “It’s incredible. The initial orders were very strong, but it’s the ‘re-orders’ that are most impressive. Dealers are having a hard time keeping the Venom mask in stock and we anticipate this trend continuing.”

Garraffa explains that the Venom mask builds on the ground-breaking concepts first introduced with Atomic Aquatic’s first mask releases, the Sub-Frame and Frameless designs. He says the key feature of the Venom is the Schott Superwite® UltraClear lenses which are easily the highest quality lenses available in a dive mask worldwide. Atomic Aquatics first introduced the “UltraClear” concept, which features glass that has had the impurities found in common glass removed, in 2006. Since that time, Atomic Aquatic masks have set the standard for the entire product category.

“Our design team worked directly with the Schott manufacturing facility in Germany to incorporate the Superwite® glass into the Venom frame. The result is an incredibly clear and durable mask that is designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing Atomic Aquatics product line. The Venom raises the standard for scuba diving masks in a major way,” he adds.

The Venom features a patented SubFrame design that incorporates hydrodynamic styling in a bulletproof double-layer, dual-color silicone skirt that keeps the mask comfortable secure and sealed on a diver’s face. Further, the solo window, low-volume design delivers unobstructed forward and wide angle views.

Several years in development, the Venom mask was designed for divers with both smaller and larger faces. The popular Atomic Aquatics one-touch side adjustment makes it simple to tighten or loosen the mask strap as needed. Further, the Atomic Aquatics Venom mask is built to be so durable that the company is offered a lifetime replacement warranty of any frame damage or defects.

Available in blue, red and black, the Venom mask is designed to be color-coordinated with the Atomic Aquatics fin and snorkel offerings. With a suggested retail price of $199, the Venom Mask from Atomic Aquatics is available now. Visit your nearest Atomic Aquatics dealer to see the Venom mask for yourself.

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