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New Tryton DryLite GUARANTEED Not to Flood

(DiverWire) Tryton Exploration Gear announces the availability of DryLite, the first diving flashlight guaranteed not to flood.

“Dive light flooding is an all too common and expensive problem for divers,” said Justin Omps, president of Tryton Gear. “With DryLite we have achieved a flood-proof design that withstands the rigorous conditions of underwater exploration.”

DryLite’s no-flood guarantee is achieved through its completely sealed, watertight design made possible by the innovative Tryton Sync™ Wireless Charging System. Tryton Sync™ uses the principal of induction to charge DryLite’s Lithium-ion battery through a magnetic field, without physical contact, plugs or wires.

“Dive lights that require battery replacement or removal for charging are more susceptible to flooding,” said Omps. “With Tryton Sync™ you do not need to remove or replace the internal battery.  This eliminates the common water penetration points and allows for a powerful, efficient flashlight that is low profile and compact.”

Innovative design also provides divers maximum illumination with unmatched burn time for underwater explorations. DryLite features an efficient LED bulb with constant current circuit that produces a bright 135 Lumen beam for five straight hours of burn time. Custom designed optics create a 8 degree ultra-bright beam for long-distance illumination and maximum water penetration.

The 135 Lumen output is consistent throughout DryLite’s entire burn time because the constant current circuit keeps the current level to the LED at a constant 500 mA regardless of battery level so your dives never go dark.

DryLite’s other smart features include a low battery warning system, easy twist magnetic switch for simple operation and an aluminum head that doubles as a “tank banger” signaling device.

Tryton Sync™ accepts input from a 120/240V AC power source or 12V mobile sources, commonly found in cars and boats, so you are never without the right power source.

About Tryton Exploration Gear

Tryton Exploration Gear is a committed to exploration and discovery, providing dependable steadfast equipment with innovative functionality and rugged design.  For more information about Tryton Exploration Gear visit