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New Oceanic PRO PLUS 3 computer – An Eye Opener for Today’s Aging Divers

(DiverWire) It’s a fact of life for almost everyone – your eye sight changes as you get older. For scuba divers who rely on reading their gauges and computers for information during a dive, it’s never been more important for displays to be simple and easy to read.

Wednesday, Oceanic Worldwide, an international developer of scuba diving equipment and new aquatic technology, released the PRO PLUS 3 scuba diving computer. According to company officials, this new computer features the largest screen display currently available in the scuba diving world. Measuring a full 2” x 3”, the PRO PLUS 3 is an interactive dive computer that makes it easier for divers to check depth, air supply, water temperature and more thanks to a vivid 5/8 inch character readout.

“As the scuba diving population ages, there is a need to adapt products. This is what we have done in a major way with the Oceanic PRO PLUS 3,” said Dan Emke, President of Oceanic. “It’s a matter of priorities – instead of pretty colors or animations, we listened to our customers and made something easy to read and highly functional.”

Emke said the PRO PLUS 3 is actually an enhancement to the PRO PLUS 2 which was introduced in 1999. That product was easily the most popular product in the company’s 40-year history. “It was time to update the concept and include new technology that wasn’t available when we first introduced this computer,” he adds.

The Oceanic PRO PLUS 3 was previewed to the dive industry trade last Fall but was released for general distribution to Oceanic’s international dive retailer network this week. The product, which has a suggested retail price begins at $699, will be available to dive consumers any day.

For more information about the product, visit the Oceanic Website.