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New iPad App features Oceanic OC1 dive computer

(DiverWire) Modern technology continues to amaze. Imagine your surprise when you open a new iPad/iPhone application and see an Oceanic OC1 computer in full display. That’s exactly what happened recently when Doug Krause, Marketing Manager at Oceanic Worldwide, downloaded a new application Spearfishing Pro HD by Sparkin’ Apps LTD for the iPad.

“I wasn’t expecting to see it, but the game features the Oceanic OC1 computer,” he says. “While you’re ‘diving’ the coral reefs, hunting various species and avoiding predators, you can always look down and see your depth and other vital information – just like you’d see if you did an actual scuba dive instead of a virtual one.”

Krause said many divers often get restless and look for ways to use their passion for diving – even if you can’t actually get wet. “I liked the App because the diving mask, tank, fins and speargun are part of the program.”

Click here for more details on the Oceanic OC1 computer

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