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Choosing and Using Full-Face Masks DVD Premieres

New DVD on full-face mask scuba diving( – Choosing and Using Full-Face Masks is the latest DVD video from Hammerhead Video. The 48-minute program was written, shot, and directed by Steven M. Barsky. Kristine Barsky served as the producer and is featured in the program along with Blair Mott and public safety diving instructor, Jeff Morgan.

Full-face masks are the preferred equipment for public safety dive teams and other professional divers, such as underwater photographers, marine biologists, and anyone who must communicate underwater. They are also considered essential gear for ice diving and for diving in biologically polluted water. The video includes underwater footage shot under the ice, in mountain lakes, offshore California, and in British Columbia.

In Choosing and Using Full-Face Masks, you’ll not only learn how to select a full-face mask, but also how to rig it to make it work efficiently and comfortably. Full-face masks are not difficult to use, but they do require additional training. This video will provide you with the recommended techniques for how to use your full-face mask to maximize your enjoyment and enhance your safety.

The video includes the following topics:

  • How to select a full-face mask
  • How to rig a full-face mask (including accessories)
  • How to use the mask with scuba
  • How to use the mask with surface-supplied air
  • Emergency procedures for full-face masks
  • Maintenance procedures

Bonus features –

Operation Safe Water – a 13 minute video on a contaminated water diving exercise featuring the San Bernardino Sheriff’s department and FBI dive teams.

Historical Full-Face Masks – a collection of unusual and unique full-face masks.

DVD-ROM features – Mask manuals and catalogs

Included in the program are masks from Interspiro, Kirby Morgan, Ocean Technology Systems, and Ocean Reef. Also featured are dry suits from DUI, Viking and Whites, as well as lift bags from Subsalve. You’ll see public safety divers, marine biologists, and underwater cameramen working in a wide variety of settings where full-face masks are essential to their jobs.

The video has a suggested retail price of $22.95. You can see a free Quicktime preview at The ISBN Number for the disk is ISBN #978-0-9740923-6-2.

For more information, visit the Hammerhead Press website or contact Hammerhead Press at (805) 985-4644.

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