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New Cressi fin features detachable blade, self-adjusting foot pocket

(DiverWire) Cressi has just released the new Gara Modular Fin to the US market.

This new detachable blade model is manufactured using an innovative process that provides unprecedented power, but also returns the blade to the kicking position faster. The foot pocket design on the Modular is like nothing the industry has seen before.

A “self-adjusting” region along the top of the foot pocket expands or contracts so that it will fit comfortably whether the diver is using a sock or not. The detachable blade design is great for travel, and the foot pocket on the Modular will also accept carbon blades from virtually all manufacturers, so that users can modify their equipment as their skills progress.

“The rubber design provides a new level of flexibility for users. The rubber is soft and designed so you can use it whether you are using socks or bare feet,” says Mike Terranova of Cressi. “The fit is so important and the foot pocket allows users to customize the fit for optimal performance.”

Sizes: 4 (7/8 – 12/13)

MSRP: $219.95

For more details, visit the website at