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Atomic Aquatics Unveils New Website; Perfect for Scuba Divers Wanting to Go Deeper

It’s appropriate that the new website stands alone among scuba equipment-related sites. After all, Atomic Aquatics is the acknowledged leader in quality and performance. The company’s new website mirrors this in a big way.

While a major of scuba equipment websites feature pretty pictures and a lot of marketing hype, takes a more comprehensive and in-depth approach to introducing divers to the company.

Ever wonder how Atomic Aquatics products work? This impressive new site provides interactive movies that illustrate many of Atomic’s patented features. Click here to see for yourself: Atomic Aquatics in-depth

“Divers are often asking ‘Why Atomic’? After spending a few minutes on you won’t ever have to ask that question again,” said Dean Garraffa of Atomic Aquatics. “We built this site with one main goal – to be the most comprehensive source of information about every aspect of Atomic Aquatics and we’ve succeeded.”

Garraffa outlines several unique elements of the site including:
•    An overview of the production process for an Atomic Aquatics regulator
•   High profile testimonials from divers including Kevin Costner, Edward Norton, and Bob Talbot
•   Product reviews from all of the major dive industry publications and resources
•    The Atomic Aquatics “compendium” – Everything you ever wanted to know about Atomic Aquatics in one simple document. In short, the “Atomic Aquatics Bible”

The is built by divers for divers, without the hype but with all the substance that today’s diver demands. Want to know where you can purchase Atomic Aquatics products?

Visit the online dealer listing at Atomic Aquatics Dealers

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