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New AERIS A300AI Dive Computer makes its debut

(DiverWire) AERIS has announced the release of the company’s latest innovation, the A300 AI Personal Dive Computer. Previewed to dive industry insiders late last year, the product is now available and shipping to dealers. Technologically advanced, yet elegantly simple, the A300 AI is a powerful air-integrated dive computer with an impressive list of features.

The A300AI offers the exclusive Dual Algorithm® profiles, a choice of four Nitrox mixes and a 3-Axis Full-Tilt Digital Compass. Despite all of these valuable features, this lightweight tool is one of the industry’s easiest dive computers for users to operate thanks to its intuitive menu system, three-button user interface and well organized display.

“Divers are asking for computers to offer more features and options, yet are often intimidated by complex programs and operating systems,” explains Doug Krause, AERIS marketing director. “We designed the A300 AI with a specific idea to simplify the process.

Click here for A300AI features, specs, photos, and demo videos!

AERIS invites all dive professionals to learn more – the company has developed a complete online class with more than 40 videos:
Three tutorial videos are available on YouTube:

For more details about this exciting new product, visit your nearest AERIS retailer. To locate all AERIS dealers nationwide, go to AERIS DEALERS

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