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Maxtec Introduces new iMax wireless dive log system

(DiverWire) Maxtec has introduced the all-new iMax dive buddy – a wireless data logger.  The dive buddy is a small unit designed to clip to your BC or fit in your pocket.  While you enjoy your dive, the iMax dive buddy will log everything in your typical dive profile including dive time, depth, water temperature and more!

iMaxDiveBuddyAs soon as you are finished with the dive, data can be transferred via bluetooth to an iphone equipped with the iMax dive buddy App (free of charge in the App Store).  You can then edit the dive by adding additional details such as the dive site, gear configuration, and who your partner was.  You can even attach an image of your dive partner and have them sign off on your log once complete.

Are you a frequent Facebook user?  Now you don’t need to wait until you get home to share your dive info with your friends.  Once you have completed your dive log edit, just tap the share icon and select the service you want to use: Twitter, Facebook, Email or divePal.  The dive buddy app will instantly share a detailed dive profile.

The iMax dive buddy App is available free of charge in the iTunes App Store.  Contact Maxtec for pricing and availability of the dive buddy logging device required for use with the dive buddy App.

To learn more about the iMax dive buddy, visit

Download a product brochure here:

For additional questions, visit the Maxtec website.